About Onme

Hi, I'm Jenni

..the founder of Onme the label and I'm here to share with you the story of my brand. Onme the label is all about those things I personally struggled to find in swimwear; flattering, firm yet soft on the skin, minimalistic without unnecessary clutter and maximum adjustability. I simply got bored of baggy fitting bikinis that would lose their shape and colour within one holiday and end up either in the bin or at the back of my closet.

Having lived in the bikini heaven, that is Australia, I got used to seeing beautiful swimwear everywhere. There was a surf shop or a small boutique in almost every corner of Bondi. When moving back home to Finland, things like that were definitely not as available (might be something to do with the weather..) and the old struggle continued.

I used to spend endless of hours trying to find a bikini that would tick even just half of my boxes and yet still ending up settling for very average swimwear,  that was the best of the not-so-good bunch. I knew I wasn't the only one struggling.. I remember the day when I finally said it out loud; "I'm going to design a swimwear collection. I don't care that I don't know how, I'm going to learn." And here we are.

Swimwear designed to last

I'm sure we're all guilty of something in the lines of owning 20 bikinis and not loving any of them. You end up wearing the same set or two that you don't even feel that good in. My main mission behind Onme the label was to stop this vicious cycle of quantity over quality.

I wanted to create swimwear staples that every woman would love in their summer closet. Swimwear that is timeless (lasts through trends), premium (lasts through time and use) and so flattering that you simply wouldn't get bored of wearing it (not use and lose kinda stuff). We might sometimes feel vulnerable in swimwear so why not invest in a pair of bikinis that could help you feel confident and empowered instead?


With Onme the label it was clear I wanted to be part of the solution and not the problem. Fast fashion has quickly become one of the single most polluting industries on our planet and that was something I wasn't willing to pile up on. I have done my best that everything I do with Onme the label would be done as eco friendly as possible from the fabrics that I've used, to all the packaging materials.

The only fabric that has been used is recycled, high quality Italian fabric Carvico which uses ECONYL®. Econyl has been regenerated from post-consumer products collected from our landfills and oceans, such as "ghost nets" (lost or abandoned fishing nets) and plastic bottles. With high-end innovation this pollution has been transformed into fabric that serves perfectly as swim and activewear material. Econyl can be continuously recycled without loss of quality in the finished product.

All the packaging has been made from recycled material; the mailers I use are 70% recycled LDPE 
plastics, the stickers are made from used plastic products and thank you cards are made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

Ethical production

Onme the label is designed in Finland by me and handmade in Bali, Indonesia. Our manufacturer is completely sweat shop free and their mission is to always keep the production line ethical and sustainable by taking care of their employees and using earth-friendly products & dyes while always thriving to become better as new technologies and materials come available.

Our manufacturer's doors are always open for visitors but unfortunately due to the pandemic I haven't yet been able to visit it in person although I have had a video tour around the place. With every order they receive the manufacturer donates to Bali Streets Mums, a charity devoted to the welfare & education of women & children in Bali, who scavenge their living from rubbish dumps.

The employees are paid well above minimum wages and also receive one extra month's salary yearly. E
mployees, their spouses and kids are eligible for free medical insurance. Employees also get a freshly cooked meal and juice with added vitamins each day at work and the whole facility is fully air-coned. Overtime is never enforced but in case employee decides to take up on overtime, they are paid double and triple for it.

In closing

When purchasing from a small business, it's more likely that you can find out what goes behind the scenes of creating the products but by no means do I mean that a small business necessarily translates to a sustainable or ethical business.

My aim is to be completely transparent in what I do. If there is anything concerning you, please do not hesitate to contact me here or via our socials @onmethelabel. You can follow our journey on Instagram at @onmethelabel where I share a lot of behind the scenes material and product related matters. 

Thanks for reading and happy shopping! 🤎