Care Guide


How to take of your Onme swimwear?

All our swimwear is made from  ECONYL® which is eco friendly and premium nylon regenerated from ocean and landfill. The products are handmade in Bali where they have gone through a strict quality control to avoid any mistakes in the final piece. Despite the high standard production, it's still very important that you take care of your swimwear accordingly.

Here's how to make sure your Onme swimwear will stay golden:

  • Always make sure you rinse your swimwear with fresh water after use (salt, sand and chlorine might damage the fabric in the long run)
  • Never machine wash or tumble dry your swim
  • Dry on a flat surface in a shaded area indoors or outdoors (don't hang from shoulder straps when wet to avoid stretching)
  • Do not leave rolled up when wet
  • Avoid contact with rough surfaces such as rock, pebble or stone like surfaces as it can cause pulling and picking of the fabric (use a towel when sitting on rough surfaces)
  • Avoid lots of contact with oils and chlorine as it can eventually cause fading or slight damage to the swimsuit material

Hopefully these tips will make sure you'll have many years of fun in the sun with your Onme Swim!🌞